The Educational Alliance is an ad hoc committee of GFPB, Inc. (Go Forward Pine Bluff) and consists of representatives from the education sectors within the City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The Alliance’s purpose is to implement the L.E.A.P. (Leadership, Education, Accountability, Pipeline) initiative as recommended by the Education Pillar of Go Forward Pine Bluff. The L.E.A.P. strategies focus on: (1) developing primary and secondary education institutions that are academically and financially sound, and (2) improving the education options provided by our high schools and institutions of higher education to meet the specific needs of employers in Pine Bluff and surrounding areas.

Recognizing the immediate need to attract certified educators, the Educational Alliance elected to focus on establishing a quality teacher pipeline. This document outlines the incentive entitled TEACH Pine Bluff which aims to enhance effectiveness in recruiting and retaining certified teachers. TEACH Pine Bluff supports teachers who want to work in Delta area schools and will incentivize that commitment. Further, many education degree holders recognize the long-term benefit of obtaining a master’s degree as it relates to future promotion and higher salaries. It is the consensus of the Alliance that an increase in the numbers of certified teachers will reverse the negative academic impact of long-term substitute teachers, stem the loss of practical teaching skills, and provide a pool of candidates to replace 45 to 65 teachers annually as a result of retirement, death, and attrition.

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