The Generator Celebrates Black History Month



Pop’s Barber and Beauty Shop

“One day I was walking downtown to go to Looking Good’s Clothing Store and saw the building, and I said, I like that corner and started to think about how it could become my barbershop.”

Kendrick “Pop” Williams, Sr.

Established in 2003, Pop’s Barber and Beauty has quickly become a cornerstone to downtown Pine Bluff. The Generator@GFPB had to walk only a couple of blocks to find a business that has become an establishment in less than two decades of service. Kendrick Williams represents a large entourage of barber and beauty establishments that serves Pine Bluff and the surrounding communities.

I enjoy barbering, and I felt a need for it in the community,” says Pop. Kendrick Williams, Sr. works with eight barbers and two stylists in his establishment including two brothers that service the Pine Bluff and surrounding communities. When asked what advice he would give to other entrepreneurs seeking to become a barber, Kendrick’s advice is to stay encouraged and know that you make your business a success or a failure. Pop says, “if you don’t come to work, you don’t get paid, so creating good work habits is a must.”

Pop acknowledges that the greatest challenge to this industry is the sacrifice of time and energy it takes to maintain the business. The sacrifice, however, comes with the reward of seeing your customers taken care of, and the success of other barbers and beauticians learning a skill. The most profound reward for Kendrick is being able to provide and take care of his family. “I wanted to show people that you don’t have to do negative things to make a living,” Kendrick says.

The Generator@GFPB wanted to know how businesses providing services have been affected by COVID-19. We know that black barbers and stylists have a close relationship with their customers; they are like family. Pop’s reply to how COVID-19 has affected his business was, “I miss the old customers (the family),” that come in and make Pop’s Barber and Beauty Shop a community’s establishment. Kendrick “Pop” Williams is generating business for the next generation. The Generator@GFPB celebrates the service of The Black Establishment in Pop’s Barber and Beauty Shop at 301 South Main St. Pine Bluff, Arkansas. You can call and make an appointment with Pop at (870) 550-0651.