Sederick C. Rice, Ph.D

Reason for enrolling in the Institute:

I enrolled in the Candidate Development Institute (CDI) to receive structured training on conducting a successful political campaign.  I also saw this opportunity, sponsored by Go Forward Pine Bluff and the Alliance, as way to gain some unique and important professional development experiences.


What you found most valuable about the Institute:

The most valuable aspects of the CDI, were the guest speakers, who shared a wealth of political and campaign knowledge and experiences with participants.  I learned the most from the candid conversations about ethics in politics and lobbying, budgeting for a successful campaign, how elected officials influence economic progress, and the most effective tools and strategies for presenting a political message to voters.


How you plan to move forward using the experience/information gained in the Institute:

I plan to use my experiences with CDI to help me build a stronger political platform, if I decide in the future to run for office in the City of Pine Bluff/Jefferson County area.