Policies and Procedures

Teachers interested in TEACH Pine Bluff must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and be licensed to teach in the State of Arkansas. All certified teachers are encouraged to apply immediately. The application is on the Go Forward Pine Bluff website under the TEACH Pine Bluff tab (www.goforwardpinebluff.com/TeachPineBluff). Completed applications should be submitted online through the application portal. Applicants must pursue a master’s degree in their content area.

The selection process is competitive and standardized across the three districts using a sliding scale which considers district need, expertise in the desired content area, demonstrated and anticipated classroom performance. TEACH Pine Bluff will offer a minimum of nine (9) slots, (three (3) per district), per year over the next three (3) years. TEACH Pine Bluff Fellows will be required to obtain the master’s degree within four (4) years and must commit to serving a minimum of three (3) years (in the same district) following the completion of the degree. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of TEACH Pine Bluff will result in Fellows having to refund Go Forward Pine Bluff the cost paid for their tuition. The financial assistance will be on a reimbursement basis following each completed semester. Fellows must remain in good academic standing to receive semester reimbursement. A reimbursement guarantee letter will be provided to assist Fellows with access to financing their tuition payments.

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