Endorse the Renewal of the Economic Development Alliance for Jefferson County 3/8 Cent Sales Tax

One of the recommendations from the Economic Development Pillar was to support the renewal of the 3/8 Cent Sales Tax that was passed in 2011 and scheduled to sunset in 2018 to fund economic development. This was a recommendation anticipating that the Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County, aka Tax Board, would choose to ask voters to renew this tax.

On November 21, 2017, Chairman George Makris asked the Tax Board to let the tax sunset and not pursue its renewal since there is a surplus of funds available to them at this time (projected to be about $15 million). The board opted to not “seek renewal of the tax when it expires.”

Mr. Makris told The Pine Bluff Commercial, “letting the tax sunset will give the voters a break, and I am confident that if we need it back, the voters will approve another tax.”